Why Rent Your London Home's Water Heater?

Save money when you rent your London home water heater from Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning.

For you, renting could be better than buying!

There are more things than only the investment price to consider when choosing the right water heater for your family. Have you examined the additional costs that are a part of investing in a water heater? What’s the price of your peace of mind and time? Let Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning ease your experience by offering you all the knowledge you need to make a sensible selection that will best meet your home’s needs.

Rent your water heater and you won’t need to worry about additional costs. Go on with life knowing that you are totally covered for any repairs or for a full equipment replacement* and there aren’t any parts or labour exclusions*.

Did you know?

You might also be eligible to get discounts on your home insurance for having a rental water heater in your London home. Ask your home insurance provider for any further information.

By moving over to an eco-friendly water heater rental, you could be qualified to get government and/or utility corporation rebates. Read the list below to see if you are eligible:

  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Ontario Ministry of Energy
  • Enbridge Gas


Rent Your London Home's Water Heater

We handle your water heater so you can take care of the things that matter.

You use your water heater regularly. The water heater is one of the pieces of equipment you employ most often and you probably never have another thought about it. We here at Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning think you should never have to; now you can prevent the stress and cost of a breakdown by renting your next water heater.

You read that properly – Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning now provides high-quality, energy-efficient water heaters for rent to help you live stress-free without the pressure that occurs with owning and being responsible for water heater maintenance, service, and repair. Utilize our professional service and trouble-free maintenance right when you need it most. Our top-notch team of technicians are here to address any questions or concerns.

Plus, renting your water heater from Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning couldn’t be more simple.

With our professional technicians servicing over 2,000 homes and businesses every day throughout the United States and Canada, we’re prepped and ready to get the project knocked out right the first time to ensure your family’s cozy. With Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning, deciding to rent your water heater comes with all types of benefits:

  • Worry-free. If you don’t have hot water and a Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts customer, simply reach out we will send a technician.**

  • Convenient. We will set up an appointment when you want it and contact you when the technician is coming your way.

  • No stress. Don’t waste valuable time calling around for a technician who might not have the understanding of, or parts for, your water heater. Bypass the stress with Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning! Our highly-trained technicians have access to parts for all major brands of water heaters.

  • Hassle-free. What about when your warranty expires? With a Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning rental water heater, you basically have a never-ending warranty. Yes, really – your maintenance and parts are taken care of. We’ve got it all covered!

We are committed to giving you competitive rental rates and consistent and steadfast service.


Renting Versus Buying a Water Heater in London

Here are a handful of factors to help you decide the best course of action when thinking about a new water heater.

Benefits of Water Heater Rental Considerations if Buying a Water Heater
Free venting and installation*-- Get the luxury of a top-notch system without initial cash investment that comes with complimentary on-demand service. Installation/venting upgrade fees – Often times you will need to find your own licensed technician to install your new equipment and pay extra for more venting if needed.
Reasonable monthly costs. Initial price of equipment – A large down payment or full cost is needed.
Quality work -- We have over 600 highly-trained, licensed technicians. Not confident in quality of work.
Protection – We provide parts and labour coverage for repairs.* Parts and labour costs – Are you in a situation where you can afford to pay hundreds of dollars in parts and labour costs when an issue happens?
Dedicated service. Diagnostic charges - What happens when there is an emergency? How much will you pay just to get a company to your home? How long will it take?
Can be transferred to the next owner should you leave your home.  
Assurance – We are one of the biggest water heater providers in Canada.  
Around-the-clock assistance -- We’re here day and night, ready to assist you.  
Flexibility for growing or changing family needs – The tank that once made sense for you may not be the right choice any longer. We’ll happily give you a new or different water heater if required.  

◊ Some limitations apply. See rental agreement terms and conditions for details. ¹ Some limitations apply. See rental agreement terms and conditions for details. † Available to Service Experts rental water heater customers whose equipment is not operational (for example – no hot water). On average, Service Experts attends to water heater non-operational calls 90% of the time the same day. Subject to exclusions in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.